February 3rd, 2011

Castle Ruins of Ramapo Mountain

I have been suffering from cabin-fever as of late, what with the snow-storm-a-week weather schedule.
(I live in northern NJ)
I finally have a new shoot scheduled for this Saturday... which, not surprisingly is now calling for snow.
Screw it though! I'm shooting even if there's a damned blizzard outside. I didn't buy a Jeep for nothing...

So, to keep active in this group, and to remind myself that there are indeed three other seasons besides winter,
I have decided to post a location from my book. A place which I shot in late-fall, before all the awful white stuff fell out of the sky.

This old manor is often referred to as the "Ramapo Castle Ruins" due to it being castle-looking ruins, and the fact that they are found atop Ramapo mountain.
The true name, however, was the Foxcroft Mansion. A decent hike is required to reach it, but once atop the mountain (1,500 feet above Ramapo lake),
you are gifted with both the beautiful ruins of an old estate, and a vista of vast mountain ranges.
It is definitely the most un-urban urban exploration location I have ever photographed.

The ruins can only really be filmed when the trees are mostly bare of foliage.
I made the mistake of hiking to this place in July... live and learn.

This was actually the water tower, a giant wooden cistern used to be mounted atop the stone structure.
It sits on the highest point on the mountain, and supplied the house with water via a very long pipe which was gravity-fed.

The following film was shot by Christina, and edited by the both of us.
We actually got separated for a bit because the batteries on our two-way radios died.
(I will now always make sure to double-check that I plug them in to charge)

Thanks for looking!
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