February 9th, 2011

Jesus Saves
  • cece00

Abandoned Building in Morse, LA- Former School House?

So a friend of mine told me on her parents property there was an abandoned building I should see. We went out last weekend to take a look. Sadly, the roof had partially collapsed on the building, we think due to the recent ice we've had here.

Speculation is that this mightve been a schoolhouse at one point. The house my friend's parents lives in is also old, and they think the teacher may have lived in the house and taught at the school (the house is about a 10 minute ride into the woods from the house on a 4 wheeler- its on the bayou/waterfront) and children from the surrounding areas would travel to the school every day.

After going there, I am unsure if that is what the building was really built for, but I havent been able to find any information about it online or any clues that tell me what this really mightve been. Obviously (from the pictures) its been used for vagrants and such over the years. If any of you have suggestions or ideas as to what it mightve been, I am all ears!

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