February 28th, 2011

The Samuel R

I visited this beautiful old hospital way back in the mid-summer of last year.
Though the greens of the trees looked brilliant against the red brick walls, they unfortunately obscured much of the structure.
The leaves also shaded much of the interior, making it a bit challenging to document.
The effort was well worth it though, and I am quite happy with the images I walked away with.
(The images can be seen in my book. The location is the "Staten Island Hospital", under the hospitals chapter)
(PLUG!!)Link to my book: Forsaken

Anyway, there have been a few very mild days in the past week, which allowed for some easy traveling, sneaking, and photographing.
The still-bare trees allowed me to finally photograph the exterior of the hospital in a proper way.
Christina was also thrilled to have much more light to work with while filming (what remains of) the inside.
I also re-filmed a few rooms inside, that came out a bit dull the first time through...

Excerpt from the book:
"Though the exterior of the hospital has the appearance of a war-proof fortress, its internals have been reduced to a delicate state.
Stripped of the material that once covered its walls and ceilings, the wooden skeleton of the building has crumbled quickly in the damp air.
A marble staircase, probably too large to be easily removed, granted us access to the upper floors.
We ascended through the guts of this stalwart bastion, under siege not from an outside enemy, but from the slow, certain work of time"

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