March 5th, 2011

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Abandoned Places – Florence to Madison, AL (Summer 2010) Site 7

Rolling into Madison at the end of our wander, Chris and I choose to explore a site that my wife had pointed out to me the prior winter. The building appears to have been a home converted in a garden shop or a daycare. I lean towards garden shop. The business closed up when another business was built between it and the main road, cutting off access to customers. Had it not been for a Sunday and the newer business being closed, I’m sure that we would likely have attracted attention.

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The Depot- Vandalia Illinois

This building was an old train depot...then it became a restaurant/bar called, The Depot. Clever name.

A few years ago it burned down, which was a pretty big loss for the community because it was one of our only nice restaurants.

Then a local family decided to rebuild and reopen it and call it, The Depot. We continue to be very clever in this town.

It was open for about 6 months and then it burnt down again...a few months ago.

So here we are in what is left of The Depot.

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