March 16th, 2011

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The Greenhouse

I went out to the greenhouse yesterday, per my post from 2 days ago.

Here are some of the pictures!

It was soooo spider/bug infested, and with the remaining plants & trash in there, I was waiting for some huge snake or spider to come crawling up my leg or drop down on my from somewhere. NO THANK YOU! I still went & explored but its probably the place I've been the most creeped out so far- except for Six Flags New Orleans maybe...

Anyway, onto more pictures. It gets a little picture heavy back there.

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Desecrated remains of the Pines

To open, I will say that the Pines Hotel is likely one of the grossest places that I've ever documented.
It seems to be perpetually moist inside, even during the dry season of mid-summer...
There's always this odor of rot too, a scent that everyone here likely knows very well.
Unlike most though, this place seems to exude that "fragrance" even in the dead of winter,
and come summer it hangs so thick in the air that you feel as if you need to peel it off of your skin afterward.

At any rate, I have never really been happy with my images of the place.
With my older images, I felt that I was unable to properly portray the hotel as it should be.
That being: A sickly and rotting building, where once an active resort stood.
A resort that is fondly remembered by many people... and one that, despite it's current condition, is still missed by many more.

That being said, we returned yesterday to see if our third attempt to film the place would yiel better results.
It has been about a year since our last visit here. Though I'm sure much has changed,
I can't say for sure what though, due to the exceedingly poor condition of the place.
Perhaps some more chairs have been flipped over, and maybe some more walls have been kicked in,
but the damage had always been so severe, that it's nearly impossible to tell new damage from old.

I make a point of this man-made destruction under the Pine's chapter in my book (this book: Forsaken)
It's sad to see something come to such a state just because kids feel the need to break things...
Honestly, is this what we've come to? I don't even understand the mindset necessary to consider this kind of behavior.
What is the driving force behind seeing a place like this, and feeling the urge to destroy it?
Ah well... it is what it is I suppose.

An excerpt from above-mentioned book:
"As one might expect, the great numbers of people visiting abandoned places means that,
inevitably, some will fail to appreciate the value of what they witness and see only the potential for trouble.
To such minds, the temptation to loot, smash, tag or burn far exceeds any comprehension
of the importance these buildings once had, and how much they still have to offer to a willing listener.
An oft quoted motto of explorers is "Take only photos, leave only footsteps".
It may seem trite, but when this rule is followed, every subsequent visitor can experience the same amazement as the first.
The way daylight finds its way through the tiniest seams or ivy and moss slowly climb any obstacle can be hauntingly beautiful.
We can only share this beauty with those who come after us if it is allowed to persist"...

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