March 25th, 2011

Abandoned Company&Shop in the middle of Vienna-Austria

Hello Folks!

I'm a loooong time Lurker but VERY first time Poster!

Hell I even got me a lifejournal account just for posting here O.o

Seeing all the stuff on your page made me wonder how I could give you guys a little in return.
So I grabed the camera my GF bought just some weeks ago and went to an abandoned building right in the middle of Vienna.

Here are the pictures of my journey

I hope you enjoy them and any kind of comments is always welcome :)

The 'Ferdinand Blaha' Company was/is making Tools.
They abandoned the original company building two decades ago and rented it away (information from Ferdinand Blaha company directly obtained)
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Abandoned Acadian Style Home

I have actually been inside of this site before, about 11 years ago. At the time, it was in bad shape, but it had stairs and I was able to go inside (with permission). I drove by it recently and stopped to take pictures, hoping I still could go in it.

I walked to the back of the property to the home but I could immediately tell that carpenter bees and wasps had taken over. There were so many buzzing around, especially inside, that I could actually HEAR them bouncing off the windows and walls of the interior. o.O Also, the porch has collapsed, and there are no more stairs.

So sadly, I only have pictures of the outside. BUT WAIT- to make it more interesting, I went & found the film I used 11 yrs ago to take pictures and am posting some of those along side of the new ones.


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