April 15th, 2011

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Abandoned Places – Chase Nursery (Part 2)

Continuing our exploration of the Chase Nursery complex we found some unique surprises

Chase Nursery appears to have finally foundered and declared bankruptcy in 1993. Since this was a family owned business, sorting out the business financials from the family’s took several years. Eventually portions of the property (including this one) were sold to a local university for agricultural uses.


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In the Wilds of NM

Some Friends and I went off to explore the remaining ruins of an old Southwestern Ghost Town, our timing sucked, (Got runoff by someone making a buck off of having exclusive paid access "jeep tour") but still had a nice little outing hitting some of the other areas abandoned attractions.

Hagan, NM around 1901 by surveyors for the Pennsylvania Development Company and coal production actually started around 1903, Closed down in about 1931 when the coal became hard to mine (one report said there was also a mine fire)


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