May 28th, 2011

  • grygon

South Valley adobe house, part 1

I am in contact with a realtor who let me see this place. She doesn't represent the place (her name is not the one on the for sale sign) but could still let me in. How cool is that?

A little background on why I'd consider it abandoned: by the time a realtor got their claws into it, it was so far gone that whoever buys it will buy it just for the property and will demolish the place. Unless they really really love it and want to spend a fortune fixing it up. There's one area I didn't get pics of cause the lighting was horrid, but it would show just why this place is such a goner: one whole wall was crumbling into the place making a huge pile of adobe in the middle of the floor, barely holding up the roof on that side. :( Too bad it got to that shape before someone stepped in to try and sell it.

Two parts cause I took SO MANY pics of this one place and would love to go back for more.

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