June 19th, 2011

Bad Ass Bitch

Saxon Frank House - Brooksville, Florida

By some strange circumstance, I found myself in this location, visiting Peace Tree Trading. Across the street, stood this gorgeous building. Apparently it's for sale but having trouble finding a buyer because it lacks indoor plumbing.

From across the street, it beckons me. "Come over.." and so I did.

Stepping closer, on this hot June day, the Spanish moss drapes the trees, and the cicadas hum merrily.

Stepping a bit closer, that southern wrap around porch... it's just so GRAND.

Oh look.. the door's open. Let's step inside...

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Girard, Illinois

As I left from Nilwood I drove towards the town of Girard to find the interstate and get home. On the outskirts of Girard was this house.

I love this house.

Out of all the houses I've photographed, this is the one I would love to drop a bunch of money in and redo it, its just a great house.

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