July 11th, 2011

Vacancy Everlasting

This old hotel is one we have visited several times in the past. What brings us back here again is Christina's want to finally capture it on film in a suiting way.
Some may recognize it from my book "Forsaken" (if you own it of course), or from an entry of mine I posted a while back.

What makes this place a difficult one to film (on video) is that the building gives off a very strange vibe once you're inside of it.
A combination of disgust and melancholy, mixed with endless hallways of incredibly tacky wallpaper in a vast array of metallic patterns.
In the end, we always left the place feeling a bit unnerved, and were more than eager to get back outside in the sunlight and fresh air.
Once we got home and pieced together the footage though, we were never really happy with the end result.
It was typically a passable film, but there was always some element missing from the final piece that left the video feeling devoid of the essence that makes this place what it is.
I know that may sound very strange, but the same thing can be said for still photography - you either capture the place or you don't.

We are finally happy with the end result, and I hope everyone else who views the following video will agree.

Since I already filmed the place myself, I didn't re-shoot it while I was there.
I did however play around with my cellphone's camera apps... I have posted those pics beyond the cut.
Don't exect anything too great as far as the photos are concerned. This post is all about the video, I just wanted to include the cell pics for the hell of it.
Like the cheap plastic toy in a Cracker Jacks box... (do they still do that?)
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