July 14th, 2011

mrs radke's house

the other day after an estate sale, we drove over to the block i used to live on. back in the 70's + 80's, it still was a middle/lower middle class block of mainly elderly/wites/ and a motorcycle gang, and others. we kept and pretty preserved.
i was saddened to see one house was gone, maybe another. more than 1 boarded p and our next door neighbor, mrs radke, an elderly widow, her house was cute and well kept when i was a kid. i was so sad to see it a victim of the housing bubble i assume. some 2nd floor windows had been broken. i don't know if i could have taken it if i had gotten in. i could only look into the sun porch. her tiny garage was gone too. there were others that were kept up better. a real shame, cause inside there are wonderful.
or were.

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