August 9th, 2011

Me - Headshot

Returning to the net (slowly)

Alighty then. I haven't died or become a hermit following my step-father's passing. Mixed in with everything, we were also closing on a house and preparing to move. Yesterday, we finally got all the cabling installed for the net and I am no longer relying on just my Droid to post. I will begin posting again regularly as things settle into place in the hous(if I'm on too much it limits what I unpack).

I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and well wishes sent. It really meant a great deal to me.
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Urban Explorers in Italy

"Intruders, Urban Explorers" is a project that involves photographers and video makers who'd like to reveal the secret beauties of abandoned places in Italy.
This is the first video of this project,
we tried to pay a tribute of some forgotten spaces that we visited during the last months.