August 18th, 2011

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beautiful downtown Kaladar, Ontario

Between the Old Flinton Road and Perth along Highway 7 in Ontario, about an 80 kilometer stretch of two-lane road, there are in various states of abandonment there are four motels (used to be five before this one was burned and bulldozed some time in the last year), three gas stations, and a smattering of other buildings. Kaladar itself must have a half-dozen on the highway by itself, including this gas station that I stopped to take a look at the last time I drove to Ottawa.


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Alien Fresh Jerky

A small and simple entry today, of a place I just now found the time to write about...

At the Eastern end of the Extraterrestrial Highway (Nevada State Route 375) sits the scrapped and quite possibly burnt remains of a building. Its shape, being that of a large yellow
rectangle, is not particularly interesting to behold. What draws the attention however, is the tattered and faded sign which still hangs by the roadside proclaiming “Alien Fresh Jerky”.
Knowing nothing of what I was looking at it was decided better to stop and film the place while there, rather than regret a missed opportunity upon my return to New Jersey.
Turns out... there's not much of a story to tell.

A common misconception is that the jerky shop was run out of the old yellow structure behind the sign. In reality “Alien Fresh Jerky” was simply a small road-side stand.
The yellow building was abandoned before the jerky shop was ever set up, and they simply utilized the sign posts from the disused building to hang their banner.
A banner that they left behind in 2002 when the business moved to its new home in Baker California. Since then tourists driving past area 51 through the Nevada desert via the Extraterrestrial Highway
have been greeted with this enigmatic sign and abandoned building at their journey’s end (or beginning depending on which direction you're coming from).

The yellow building, from what little information I have found, seems to be the ruins of a long abandoned casino. Any physical clues to what it really was have long since been destroyed or gone missing.
Still, it seems people find the place interesting enough that it has become a kind of unofficial tourist spot. I came across numerous images of people posing in front of the banner
and snapshots of the building from out car windows during my time on Google. That being said, it's popularity-through-oddness was reason enough for me to create this entry.

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Summer Camp

A friend and I decided to explore the state park near where I live, but we somehow went in an old entrance that's not really supposed to be used anymore. There's actually been a metal gate put up between Sunday when we were there and yesterday when I saw it for the first time. I'm really sad because we planned to go back and look around more...we accidentally found this place and all I had was a cell phone to take pictures. Quite a few shots turned out alright so I thought I'd share them. :)

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