September 15th, 2011

Silk Mill Update

Way back when I first posted the entry about the silk mill in Maryland - The last standing and intact one in the United States,
and the preservation efforts to save it, I said I would post updates as they occurred.
Well, here's an update...

The UK-based publication Selvedge (Selvedge Website) just ran a sizable spread about my efforts to spread awareness about the mill.
It included several pages of images to help pull the heartstrings as well. I can only hope this generates even more awareness of the place,
and that help and funding come in time to save the ailing roof.

Here's a tear-sheet of sorts, showing what went into the publication
(click it to open an enlarged image):

Also, if you wish to see the original post, here's a link to it on my site:
The Last Silk Mill

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