October 14th, 2011

The Union Hotel

The Union Hotel has a very long and colorful history. Present day places it as a location of much interest, for two very different reasons. The first is based in history; as the inn served as a media headquarters of sorts during the Lindbergh trial of the 1930's, which occurred in the courthouse directly across the street. The second driving point of interest is found in the numerous accounts of paranormal activity that seems to plague the inn. Primarily this involves the apparition of a small girl and is typically seen/experienced around the main stairwell area. Whether these stories stem from the real-life murdered Lindbergh baby is unknown. However, the spirit which is said to dwell here is that of a young girl, whereas the deceased Lindbergh baby was a boy and never aged past his toddler years.

Whatever attracts one's attention though, rest assured that this inn itself is not giving up the ghost just yet - renovations have now begun to restore the building back to its condition circa 1930. Once work is completed patrons will not only be able to enjoy the bar and restaurant on the lower floor, but will also be able to rent out a room for the evening if they so desire. Weird NJ magazine, along with Christina and myself were lucky enough to be invited to tour the historic inn, in order to document its state before renovations began. What you see here is more-or-less how the inn was left when it closed its rooms to the public over a half-century ago. The restaurant and bar on the ground floor continued to operate until around 2006, while the rooms and corridors above fell into disrepair.

The Union Hotel's full story can be found in issue #37 of Weird NJ magazine, which I have linked at the end of this entry...

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