October 24th, 2011

Carleton Villa

I'm pretty sure I have found my dream home.
I'm not sure if this property has ever been shared on this community; if it has just let me know.

This once-grand Gilded Age villa of the Thousand Islands was constructed in the 1890s for William O. Wyckoff, a tycoon who marketed Remington typewriters. His wife died the month before he moved in, and Wyckoff is said to have died of a heart attack on his first night in this mansion in 1895.

This is the website that I first discovered it on - 13 Scary Homes for Sale
HERE is a website with a bunch of interior pictures.

Not only is it a BEAUTIFUL home, but it also seems to be in a beautiful area. Now, I just need to win the lottery, buy the home and return it to it's original glory.