November 8th, 2011

abandoned waterpark

This Project looks at abandoned water parks and entertainment venues that nowadays are in ruins. Sites that should be full of people, and perhaps for that reason, the emptiness and silence, increase their aesthetic intensity. However, the devastation lives together with the intrinsic beauty of abandonment. The natural landscape gains ground and reappears as it had always been there, sleeping under the concrete
floor. One day, the man shifted the nature away and now, nature is gradually claiming what is theirs. Raindrops fill up timidly water chutes and pools, vegetation embrace architectural structures and all happens with great delicacy. The line between natural and artificial is blurred. Suddenly, the park elements become abstract and decontextualized; they change while nature gradually devour them.


I attach you some images but the complete work and others pictures can be found in my site:
The project is called The beauty of abandoned.