November 23rd, 2011

Abandoned mines Arctic. Part 2. Siltstones mine. Abandoned guardhouse-lip.

Здравствуйте, мои читатели!
Продолжаю повествовать о походах моих героических. Перед вами вторая, но не последняя часть фотографического отчета об однодневном походе по заброшкам Норильского промрайона. Сегодня вы увидите остатки рудника где добывали алевролиты. От шахты остались только рожки да ножки две уцелевших коробки зданий и выглядывающий из под земли как ДОТ - людской ходок. В подземные выработки попасть нет никакой возможности, всё затоплено. Для экономии ваших трафиков репортаж разобью на две части. Первая будет посвящена остаткам строений, во второй пройдемся по окружающей территории.
Предупреждаю, снимков опять много.

I continue to tell of my heroic campaigns. Here is a second, but not the last part of the photographic report on a day-long hike zabroshkam Norilsk promrayona. Today, you'll see the remnants of the mine where the extracted silt. From the mine there were only a trace two surviving buildings of the box and looking out of the ground as DOT - human walker. In the underground workings there is no way to get all flooded. To save your traffic report will be divided into two parts. The first will be devoted to the remains of buildings, in the second run through the surrounding area.
I warn you again, a lot of shots.

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Places I Would Have Loved to Explore

It's been too long since the last time I drove past an abandoned property and actually went back to explore it further. I definitely prefer posts where a building gets explored more in depth, but unfortunately, this is not really one of them. These places are still neat, and a few have multiple photos.

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