December 7th, 2011



I was curious if anyone ever experiences any paranormal activity when exploring abandoned places. I haven't been exploring in years, but the few places I have were a little spooky. I thought it was fun, and in reviewing my photos I actually caught some weird things. Anyways, I haven't posted any photos here cause I lost all my work. But I love seeing everyone's photos!

Abandoned mines Arctic. Part 3. The territory of siltstone.

Доброго дня!
Продолжаю начатое мероприятие. Сегодня покажу вам территорию рудника Алевролитов. В прошлом репортаже вы могли видеть одно из капитальных зданий, сохранившихся с середины прошлого века.

Good day!
Continue the event. Today will show you mine the territory of the siltstone. In the past reportage you can see one of the permanent buildings that have survived from the middle of last century.

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