December 8th, 2011

The Fractured Haven

Little good came from this place during its 66 years of existence, so perhaps the current state of neglect and severe decay in these buildings is a suiting end to their story.
Opening in 1925 on a wooded plot of land, this campus was created as a children's asylum. At the time of its opening the facility was seen as state of the art.
However, not long thereafter it slowly fell into a shameful state. Accounts of patient abuse were plentiful, and the overall state of the center was caught in a downward spiral.
In 1991 the doors of this place were finally forced shut for good, as ordered by federal court. Multiple class-action and civil lawsuits were filed against the center after its shuttering...

Today - some decades later, the campus still sits. The facades are now crumbling, the halls bowed and twisted, and the glass of many windows cover the floors and surrounding property.
A carpet of medical records and various other paperwork decorates the floor of the administrations building, orphaned during the facility's closing. Developed x-ray film lies strewn about as well,
and when held up to window-light allows for an eerie look into the past through gritty scratches and brittle plastic.

The corridors here are often painted with colorful and happy scenes, but knowing their history casts them is a grim light. The abuse that these paintings may have bore witness to
makes them almost seem as if they are keeping secrets, and that their outwardly happy looks belie their true nature. They stare out from their walls as you pass, and sink back into the gloom
as the glow of your flashlight travels further down the hall, and eventually around the next turn. Once again all is silent and dark. As it was before you arrived, and as it will remain after you leave.

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South Carolina

I'm a Charleston native and I've always loved the dark history surrounding Charleston especially within the decrepit buildings. I would love to start exploring some abandoned places, so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations about places in/around the Charleston area?