December 10th, 2011


Content and photo theft from Abandoned Places

Ladies and gentlemen we have a problem.

Over the past few years (dating back to mid 2008) a member of the community has been using material from the Abandoned Places community here on Live Journal in their personal Blogger / Blogspot page. I became aware of this when several folks pointed out entries in her other blog including photos cut and pasted from Abandoned Place community entries. They found these photos because the individual has been making a rudimentary attempt to give credit for photos but has not been asking permission to use them in her personal journal.

Ladies and gents, under US and European Union laws, this violates copyright protections entitled to the original photographer and publisher. They are not entitled to show others' content and material just because it's posted online. For those of us who have been published in magazines and other media, we know that this actually endangers the original artists' right to be compensated and recognized.

I have attempted to contact the individual several times by messages here on Live Journal and by commenting to their Blogger posts. No response and no changes. Regretfully this leave me little choice but to out pansypoo ( as the offender.

As moderator I warned them that I would and have now taken the following actions:

1. Release a post to the community that she has been copying and pasting user photos and art on her Blogger/Blogspot in violation of copyright protections. DONE

2. Notify Live Journal management that she has been copying copyrighted material. DONE

3. Notify Blogger/Blogspot management that she has been copying copyrighted material. DONE

4. Notify the moderators of Rural_Ruin and Urban_Decay of my actions regarding her blog and copying of materials there. DONE

5. Remove and ban you from Abandonedplaces and include a notice on the profile warning members that their content may have been reposted without permission. DONE

I hate going down this road and detest drama, but I have vigorously pursued content thefts of my material in court. As moderator, I'd be a hypocrite to not protect the whole of the community in the most reasonable manner I can offer. If this is a misunderstanding, and I genuinely hope it is, I would ask you ALL to take a cautious route of action.

Recommendations for Live Journal abandoned places community members to determine if your content / photos were pirated:

The moderators recommend checking via Google or Bing search for ANY materials or images using "Pansypoo" "Blogspot" and your user name or publishing name. Next contact Google via their Terms of Service violation and follow the simple steps to report material.

In closing folks, content posted here is considered to be protected as copyrighted material. Reposting or reuse is illegal unless granted by permission of the original poster (artist/photographer). If you're asked to remove it, DO SO! The moderators regret making this announcement and do not intend this as any manner of personal attack; however, theft is theft.