December 19th, 2011


Abandoned churches of Tver Region, Russia.

There are many places in Russia where abandoned churches stay looking like mentions of soviet period of persecution and destruction. In that time any religious activity was prohibited and lots of churches were demolished or used for such civil needs as warehouses, garages or even prisons. This inappropriate usage drove the buildings to unavoidable slow destruction and nowadays a number of the churches are still abandoned though they have been returned to Russian Orthodox Church recently. Russian proverb says “To break is not to make”…
I like spending weekends visiting old towns in European part of Russia and I always try to stop for taking a picture when I see an abandoned church while driving. There are a few photos of such temples below.

Kamenka village, Maksatikha district. The Church of Trinity.

It was built in 1829 in traditional classicism style and was reconstructed in the end of XIX century. Now abandoned.
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