December 21st, 2011


Chernyshevs’ manor. Moscow Region, Volokolamsk District.

Duke Zakhar Chernyshev, Russian military leader, governor-general of Moscow and one of the closest friends of Ekaterina the Great, build his manor in 1760s. It included the early-classicism-styled two-storeyed palace with elements of French rococo, utility buildings and existed by that time church with a belfry that was rebuilt afterwards. The internal decoration of the palace fully corresponded to the overall luxuriant style. The main hall was the most remarkable one, bás-reliefs (portraits) of the Duke’s relatives were placed on the walls.

The great park was laid out on the bank of Lama river, it contained greenhouses, Ekaterina’s Temple, a theatre and a mosque with two minarets that was built in celebration of the war against Turkey victory in 1774.

The unique two-domed Church of Our Lady of Kazan was built in 1798 and replaced the old one. The Duke’s burial vault is in the western part of the church.

The architectural ensemble’s idea and mastery of its construction let people call it “Russian Versailles” in due time. Have a look on what remained from Russian Versailles. The internal space of the church is destroyed and defaced by vandals. Repairing of the main palace started some time ago and stopped pretty soon. The dismal view is amplified with the neglected park picture…
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