December 31st, 2011

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Admin Notes - Abandoned Places

Just completed a bit of year end maintenance on the community and thought folks would like to know. I removed about 350 "deleted and purged" accounts from the community. There's probably another 80 accounts which have been "deleted" but haven't reached the end of the line when LJ removes the data (and any hope of return). Surprisingly I saw two 'suspended' accounts.

Year to date, we hit our highest membership of 13187 active accounts. Using Google Analytics, not counting repeat hits by the same individual ISP/address, we had 34500+ unique visitors come to the community and view a page. This year, we only had 3 notable SPAM / Phishing attempts (all of which were deleted). We also only had four events where the moderators had to step in. You guys are great at staying civil, mature and self-policing.

The only event that truly disturbs me is the copy and paste copyright infringements by pansypoo. I've had to remove them twice from the member list despite a ban in place. I again urge people to visit her Blogger account and file DMCA complaints if you see your photos in her blog used without your permission.

Beyond that, it's been a remarkable year here in "AbandonedPlaces." Next year should be even better!