January 12th, 2012

Hotel of Light and Shadow

Large unmaintained pines all but block the front of this disused hotel from view. Without prior knowledge of its existence one would likely drive
right past it on the main road which lies just half a block away, having not the slightest clue that they completely overlooked a four-story tall building.
This is not an altogether bad thing however, as the natural camouflage seems to have kept most would-be vandals and thieves away from the property.
Considering this place has been shuttered since 2004, its remains in relatively good shape. Most of the damage within has occurred due to the whims
of nature, not through the hands and minds of human trespassers.

During its day this hotel catered to those staying in the area for extended periods of time. When you rented a room here you would receive a set of keys;
one would unlock your bedroom, the other would unlock the door across the hall from you which contained a kitchen and dining area.
From the looks of things, these kitchen-rooms were an after-thought remodeled from surplus bedrooms which the resort no longer had a use for.
The upper-most floor seems to have remained exclusively bedrooms to the end however, and after the remodeling on the floors below it became storage
for the numerous bed-frames and mattresses removed to create the kitchens.

As previously stated – this hotel is still in decent shape, primarily due to a lack of vandalism. This is not to say that the building is sound, in several places
it is very much not. One wing in particular suffers quite badly from water damage, and as we trekked down its corridors ice would unexpectedly
crackle and snap under the weight of our feet - hidden away below vintage carpeting and wooden floorboards. The leak in this section of the building is
actually quite bad, to the point that the ground floor has a sheet of ice upon it several inches thick.

As is the case with most dead things; this place is cold. Old windows and the occasional missing pane of glass allow the biting winds of winter to easily
enter and swirl down the old hallways. As the air ran through the aging building, crooked windows rattled in their frames creating the feeling that
the hotel itself was shivering against the cold. The day progressed, and what little sunlight there was to start with was finally blotted from the sky by a
blanket of grey and white. It was the kind of sky that almost audibly threatened of snow to come, and though a true storm never manifested itself,
flurries did begin to fall before we departed for the day. They drifted down from the sky as flurries often do - randomly tumbling in unpredictable
directions, slowly desaturating the landscape as they cover everything in a dusting of white. Occasionally a flake or two would manage to enter in through
an open window, to land upon a bed or nearby nightstand. Remaining there if only for a moment before dissolving to tiny specks of water.

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