February 11th, 2012

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Hollywood theater, NYC

The Hollywood theater lasted from the 1920s until about 1959, then shut its doors; when it reopened in the 70s or 80s it was as a Pioneer grocery store. Although not technically abandoned, the interior has remained largely untouched for decades. There was a guy working at the grocery once that offered to take my roommate up to see the old movie posters and stuff, but this never materialized, unfortunately.

The current grocery is in the process of moving out and preservationists are naturally worried that the building won't be saved in time. This neighborhood has been long-neglected by preservationists, and many, many other treasures have fallen to the wrecking ball.
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Wonderful pictures of North Brother Island, NY. Abandoned hospitals & recovery centers.

"Inside the lost island of New York: Eerie pictures of the abandoned leper colony just 350 yards from the Bronx" = http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2094823/North-Brother-Island-Eerie-pictures-abandoned-New-York-leper-colony.html

Gorgeous and haunting.

This is right next to Manhattan and such. Check out the location:

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