February 20th, 2012


How not to die military equipment part 1

В годы холодной войны, на просторах нашей родины создавалось огромное количество военной техники. К счастью глобальной войны не произошло, но вот техника осталась. И с каждым годом машины и оборудование устаревали, да и просто ломались. В конечном итоге технику разбирали, либо консервировали. Не знаю по каким причинам, но иногда крупные базы с такой техникой просто переставали функционировать, либо делают это очень вяло, а время не щадит оборудование и технику. В этом посте будет фотографии с одной такой базы, она очень большая и обойти ее за один день не удалось, поэтому пост будет разделен на две части.

During the Cold War, the expanse of our country created a huge amount of military equipment. Fortunately, the global war did not happen, but that technique has remained. And every year machinery and equipment obsolete, and just broke down. Ultimately, the technique dismantled, or canned. I do not know for what reasons, but sometimes with such a large base of technology simply ceased to function, or make it very sluggish, and does not spare the time, equipment and machinery. In this post will be pictures from one such framework, it is very big and go around it in one day was not possible, therefore, the post will be divided into two parts.

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Costa Rica luxury resort, half-abandoned

Have you ever wondered what happens to those big, expensive beach resorts if no one visits them?

Well, there's no need to wonder. I just spent a week at one – the Sanctuary Resort in Marbella, Costa Rica – and I'm here to tell you all about it.

Friends of ours won a stay at a villa in Costa Rica at a charity auction a local organization held. They invited us to come with them. The villa, Sting Ray Villa, is located at the Sanctuary Resort. One of the perks of the package was the option to use all the amenities of the resort.

Our first view of the resort was this:
Costa Rica trip
Those are two half-built seven-story buildings on a hill directly behind our villa, immediately next to the road that leads into the resort.

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The folks who still work at Sanctuary are doing their best to make sure the visitors have an enjoyable time, but they don't have a lot of tools to work with. It's hard for a tourist to feel anything but disappointed when they've been promised a lot of amenities that no longer exist.

If you want to see many more photos of the abandoned buildings, they're here on Flickr, interspersed with some other photos from our trip.

Two abandoned historic pubs in Macclesfield

This post consists of two trips; the first was a recce, the second was a more detailed exploration.
This news article says that the Old Kings Head closed around 2000; I can say from first-hand experience that despite bluster from the council, no such regeneration has happened in Macclesfield and these pubs are still going to waste. They're unmistakable from the street, very much part of the landscape. Up until a couple of months ago, they were shrouded in trees. According to some of the people I asked, these pubs were well-loved in their heyday, known for being 'really nice' in terms of atmosphere and architecture.

Hunting for further information online also turned up this little video of the buildings, viewed from the street. (All of the Greenall's lettering has since gone from the Three Pigeons)

Now, for a lot of pictures... some of them were shot on my phone, as it's better at picking up light than my half-frame camera.

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