March 4th, 2012

Abandoned house

Found this house back in January 2004, near Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.  Was in amongst thick scrub and we only noticed it because we saw an old wooden cart by the side of the road and pulled over to have a closer look at that.  Basically a single room (with the green lounge in it) built above sloping ground with a 'kitchen' underneath, and a two-storey addition tacked on one side (the green aluminium walls on lower level; beams for a second level but floorboards hadn't been laid down - the photo looking up to a lined ceiling is looking through those beams up into the second level). There was apparently a rudimentary bathroom about 50 metres away, but it was a bit creepy and I didn't venture that far (and husband didn't take the camera when he had a look).  Couldn't take one from any decent distance as there was thick bamboo growing closely around the structure.  Would be interested to get back there now and see what sort of state it's in these days...

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