March 5th, 2012


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Took a small vacation a few weeks ago to the Mountains of N.C. While there I heard stories of an abandoned amusement park at the top of a Ski Slope.

So upon some quick google fu and i was able to quickly locate this theme park. This was a theme park based on the Wizard of Oz Book.

From the WebSite - " OZ was operational from 1970-80, but changing times, economics, liabilities, maintenance, and other interests of its owners, along with the lack of change at OZ, took their toll on the park. Vandalism and nostalgia seekers destroyed much of the remains. Even today, people try to take a "piece" of OZ, to our despair."

In recent years developers have built homes on the grounds surrounding the core of the park. With emphasis on preserving the beauty of the landscape, the gardens and the remaining structures.

After several years of work the yellow brick road had been excavated and repaired, Many of the gazebos and bridges have been restored and Dorothy's house can even be rented in the summer.

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Submerged Church of the Nativity of Christ.

The church is located near Krokhino village, Belozersk District, Vologda Region, at the Sheksna river head that flows out of the lake Beloe (White). It was built approximately in 1790 and used to have a significant importance in the nearby villages which inhabitants served inland navigation along the Belozersk Canal (a part of the Mariinsk Hydro System). In 1960-s Krokhino turned out to be within the flood zone that had appeared due to the Volga-Baltic canal construction. Those who lived there moved to other places having demolished their old houses, but the church remained looking like a monument to old times when people had lived there.
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