March 15th, 2012


Abandon Factory- Proctor Vermont

From my best guess this factory was involved in marble cutting. Proctor, at one point was one of the marble capitals of the state. Now it's being used as storage. Every time I go there there is different stuff in the main room, and it's harder to find a way inside. The pictures I'm posting are from two or three separate visits.  There are two ways to get to the factory, one is to park on a back road and walk about a half a mile down the train tracks until you find an old foundation. The other way is to park at the library and pray no one sees you sneaking down the railroad tracks 100 feet and into the doors of the factory.

Since I've been so many times the pictures are of varying quality (I've been through a few different cameras) but hopefully they still capture the essence of the factory. My friends and I usually go here at least once per summer. This summer I hope to go again and get some awesome pictures with my digital SLR that I didn't have any of the other three times I went.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!  

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