March 22nd, 2012

Scotland Train

Intro and Recent Work

Hello everyone.   Funny how things work, I stumbled upon this group by chance because LJ had linked it to the FaceBook news feed and I clicked on it.  Abandoned buildings have always been a passion of mine -- I find them fascinating, evocative, wondrous places -- be they ancient 13th century castles, or 20th century roadside businesses.   I'm looking forward to contributing and being inspired by the posts here.

I've grew up in the American Intermountain West and have traveled extensively on car and my motorcycle and always exploring the ghosts of abandoned buildings and towns.   I'd like one day to put some of these in a book, and I'm doing a lot more writing these days as I gradually retire from my political consulting business.   My regular LJ often has pictures from my travels -- grgardner

Below are a few I took yesterday -- I happened to be in downtown Seattle for some meetings and had parked my car on the edge of the city and was traversing the city by bus and subway.  I'd come up out of a subway station and found this structure I'd never noticed before -- the Publix Hotel.  It's in the International District/Chinatown area of Seattle.  I know nothing (yet) of its story, other than it was built in 1928 apparently, but it captured me for a moment and I thought I'd share a few pictures.   These are taken with my I-phone 4 using the Hipstamatic App, the first using the "John S" lens, and the "Blackeys" film.   The second one also with the "John S" lens and the AL-DOX film.