March 29th, 2012


I'm Hungry

One of my favorite movie quotes is from Disney/Pixar's "Cars", when Sally says to Lightning, "back then people drove on the road not to make good time, but to have a good time."   One of the best things about road trips is eating -- and I'm not talking a .99 cent supper in a sack from a drive through fast-food chain.   I mean a good old American Diner -- the kind that used to be everywhere along the highway.  The kind that used to be in these three place and are now abandoned.

Like this one that used to exist somewhere between Barstow and Mojave, California along CA-58.  All that is left is this sign by the side of the road, and some hints of foundation.  All alone, to this day it beckons the traveler to stop by for some coffee and apple pie -- only there is no coffee, no pie, no waitress named Flo -- just a sign that there once was.
Or the broken glass, tumbleweed littered lot that once was a parking lot for another un-named and completely missing eatery along I-15 in Wendell, Idaho.  Obviously built in the post Interstate days, given the towering height of the sign so as to be visible from the Interstate's overpass, it demands the traveler stop and EAT , it is all that remains of whatever was once here, and one can't stop to feed ones hunger here anymore either.
And finally, we have JoJo's -- a semi-fine dining establishment on US-1 between Marathon and Islamorada in the Florida Key's.   More than just a sign, it's a structure -- painted in the warm Florida colors of coral and teal, that once offered up Conch Fritters, Key Lime Pie, Sweet Tea, and a cigar in the glass case at the counter for after dinner.  Now, the only things eating here are the Iguanas who lounge in the shade along the side.
By the way, all of these were taken using the Hipstamatic Ap on my i-Phone4.  It's a wonderful program and great for the mood I'm trying to set when shooting abandoned places.  It's also what sets the border and the faux "date" on some of the borders -- like an old Kodak Instamatic processed at a drug store.  Two things, like these abandoned diners, that are long gone.
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Westinghouse Electric

Hey everyone, long time!

I recently went back into Westinghouse Electric, where they not too long ago finished up some scenes from the new Avengers movie. I can't wait to see it! I have explored this building dozens of times, shot many models here. It's just a classic. Enjoy the new photos!

Air Jordan: Grounded

Westinghouse Reaper

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