April 5th, 2012

House of Success + Looking for Moscow Explorers

I'm in Moscow! I just got here, I've barely seen anything, and already my mind is blown. I plan on being here for a week to a week and a half. A few days will be devoted to tourist stuff but the rest of the time I want to spend in abandoned buildings! I'm taking a break from research to make this post and ask if anyone in or around Moscow would like to go exploring with me.

Now, on to the ironically named 'House of Success' in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Amazingly I was able to find a little information on the place: "The Chiang Mai Mansion was built in 1993, during the boom. It was never occupied. The creator of this complex was “Tycoon Jack”, who is still a tycoon even though this property didn't work out. It was designed as a palatial sales office and residence for him and his elite executives, who would be involved in condo sales elsewhere. Jack thought BIG. It has a pool and a 3-story kennel for his dogs. Tycoon Jack made the statues himself. There is a collection of them at the lot next door, that were to be used at the condo site. They are arranged there in an eerie vigil, as if waiting for the next owner. The property has been for sale since 1997. It can be purchases for 30 million Baht, $750,000 US, or 3 million Baht a year for 10 years, interest free. The Mansion was never actually named. Over the threshold, ironically and sadly, there is a painted banner: “The House of Success”. I prefer to remember it simply as The Chiang Mai Mansion." From here.


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Abandoned Places – East Lancaster “Dead Farms” (2008) – Part 2

I wanted to get this set finished before this weekend. I'll be in Atlanta presenting on Abandoned Site Photography for the third year at Frolicon.

The remaining two sites my kids and I went to that day back in 2008 were much older but increasingly battered. The desert was actively wearing them down as evidenced by the rapidly increasing winds around us that day. The 3rd house was rapidly decaying. The 4th showed signs of ‘recent’ use, but in the desert, recent is a relative term.

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