July 24th, 2012

urbex mask

I pity the fool, who doesn't stay in school!

Some places are just too good to stay away. And sometimes, you're just in the area with nothing better to do. Either way, I hit up a favorite location in Atlanta that I've covered here and here. I honestly thought I had captured all I could at this school, but even in its old age it was teaching me a few new things. For starters, I have seen this place in almost every season, but never this wet. That gave rise to a few shots with reflections, but also new experiences as the floors above me dripped down and gave an even creepier atmosphere to the place. In fact, I think I carried through the feel to my photos as well--you'll see my first visit was somewhat bright, second trip was HDR and unnaturally vivid, but this time I turned it down a notch and kept it dark. In some cases...very dark.

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