September 4th, 2012

Abandoned hotel "Prague"

In the center of Kiev is the abandoned hotel with a unique atmosphere, which absorbed century history of the city, with its unique architecture and no incomparable atmosphere.
This building was built in 1880 and was originally called the "The roomsIlyinskaya" in honor of the mistress of hotel A. Ilyinskaya. At the beginning of XX century to the building have built on three floors and a ballroom on the top. This HOTEL Jaroslav Hasek once lived here and wrote parts of his novel about the adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik. Although this information is unsubstantiated and unlikely to be poor soldiers could live in such an expensive hotel. most likely he would come here for a beer.
1. This is not a collage, and one frame. Banquet hall on the rooftop shot through the glass.

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