September 12th, 2012

Moonlight on the Gingerbread Castle

The yellow glow cast by the utility lamps of a distant parking lot mixed strangely with the blueish hues of night, as they met over top of the old Gingerbread Castle.
Even knowing that this place sits only a short distance from a main roadway, it feels very secluded during the hours which abut midnight.
The night has a way of replacing not only the sights from the day prior, but the sounds as well. Where only a few hours earlier hung the
noise of constantly passing cars, children in the neighboring park, and the various calls of countless birds and insects, now there is only
the steady flowing of the nearby Wallkill River and the occasional rustling of tall grasses as they are disturbed by passing breezes.
Though the world around it may be fast asleep, the old castle seemed more alive under the light of the moon than during the daytime sun.

If you would like to know the full story behind the forlorn Gingerbread Castle, you can find it here - Gingerbread Castle and Wheatsworth Mill

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