September 17th, 2012

  • dkkn

Ghost town on the Delaware Bay

We went to Seabreeze on a beautiful Sunday morning. Hurricaine Leslie just blew away and high white clouds in a deep blue sky provided a perfect contrast to the boarded up homes and crumbling seawall. May be it was the weather, maybe the smoking stucks of the nuclear plant on the horizon, but we felt that we were the only survivors on a planet after an apocalypse. Here are the pictures:
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  If you are interested in this place and its history, you can find more info here:

Abandoned prototypes

В 1965 году на самолетостроительном факультете Московского авиационного института (МАИ) было образовано студенческое конструкторское бюро (СКБ). Оно занималось созданием экспериментальных пилотируемых и дистанционно управляемых легких летательных аппаратов. В 1982 г. СКБ было преобразовано в Отраслевое студенческое конструкторское бюро экспериментального самолетостроения МАИ (ОСКБЭС МАИ).

In 1965 on the Aircraft at Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) was established Student Design Bureau (SDB). Has been involved in the creation of experimental manned and remotely operated light aircraft. In 1982, CSC has been transformed in the Branch Student Design Bureau for aircraft MAI (OSKBES MAI). 

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