October 8th, 2012

Gackt lies

Temporarily abandoned temple site

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Visible from the highway in rural Japan is the head of a giant Buddha statue.  I took my bicycle out there to get a closer look at it, aware of the local barista's advice that the statue was 'leaning'.  Leaning ha!  From behind it looks like it's trying to slide down the mountain. 
But that wasn't its only surprise.  The statue is on the grounds of Nichirin-ji, a Buddhist temple and cemetery.  When I got home I googled it, unable to find the warrior statue that the tourist map said was there.  I was surprised to find a video of a well-tended garden site, nothing like the rambling and overgrown set of trails that I'd walked through.  Apparently the place is open for tours from January to July and I'd simply gone there in the off-season.  Still, though the house on the grounds was tidy and had children playing in the front, and some of the tombstones were clearly very recent, most of the grounds looked like the forest had tried to reclaim them.

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR9CuaRw794  Look at 1:52, and then look at what I found this weekend:


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