October 25th, 2012

The Rutherfurd Stuyvesant Estate

Some, who have followed our work for at least the past year (or own a copy of Forsaken) may recognize this place.
It is actually the first abandoned location I ever truly filmed, back in 2001, and believe it or not, is actually where I took Christina on our first date.
Throughout the years I have watched as the decay has spread within the old buildings, and I now fear that they may soon fall.
Before the inevitable eventually occurs, Christina and I decided it best to document them for a last time...

This desolate property is all that remains of the Rutherfurd Stuyvesant estate. Modern times contain but a few scraps from what was,
not terribly long ago, a beautiful and influential homestead. The elegance of this place has long since been extinguished by vandals,
stolen away by illegal scrappers, and enshrouded the ever-encroaching forest. Today one could drive right past the old estate,
never having known that they did so. The only clue given is a gnarled dirt road bearing the name of the family who's estate
once stood where now a thick forest grows.

The grand mansion surrendered itself to flames many years ago, leaving only an overgrown field where once it proudly stood.
Orphaned, the remainder of the buildings on the property sit, and slowly sink into ruin. To us though, the significance found here was
never directly related to the history of the property, but rather how this house adapted to unmaintained life in the woods.
As with most places that become abandoned; once left alone, these buildings can become something else entirely. Gone are the pristine
lawns and manicured pathways; replaced with tall grass, weeds, and thorns. The bright washes of the house's exterior, faded,
stained, and ensnared by the growth of the forest. The bustling of life within the walls has long since passed.
All that endures here now are the hushed sounds of slow decay.

*If you would like to see the old estate under the moon, on a cold winter's night just click here.

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