November 21st, 2012

Old water mill in Pechora village

Today I write about cool abandoned old mill.
Original post by general_kosmosa in Старинная водяная мельница в селе Печора

1. All inside mill premises were destroyed by fire in 1992. At the end of XIX century Potocki expanded park on the left bank of the Southern Bug, there is now the village Sokilets. In 1894-1899 there by German craftsmen built a large mill. It resembles a real castle. The complex consists of three buildings. In 1921, the mill was rebuilt under the hydroelectric power plant, and in 1992, a fire destroyed all the wooden structure of the building.

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Abandoned pottery factory

Welcome into the kingdom of broken plates, distorted iron and plaster dust, dirt from in all premises. Fragments of earthenware, crunching under their feet, broken steel, hanging from the ceiling, the remnants of magnificent staircases of past centuries. The feeling of total destruction and full of usefulness... The pride of our country. 200 years. The anniversary date. Alas, the history of the world-famous manufacturing can be put an end.

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