January 4th, 2013

Industrial ruins

These pictures were taken in small town in Romania (Targu Frumos, Iasi) but awkwardly enough in a quite animated place beside the city’s vegetables market on the main route of transport from the region. It seems to have been functioned as an industrial workshop now deserted since industrial have gone out of fashion as almost everywhere.


Certain parts of constructions are now used as garages for cars spare parts replacement even if this might have been built afterwards since it is very rudimentary made just of ansambled rusted corrugated iron. On the other side there is a very old still inhabited house. There are not many left to be built having the walls to the street so that this is one of the very few but also one of the most ruined. I pretty often go on the spot and I can’t stop thinking of the sadness of the neighbouring inhabitants who have to face the desolating industrial viewing every day. All the souroundings are set now to be rebuilt to more modern standards.