January 6th, 2013

Me - Headshot

Happy New Year from your Mod

Back from my holiday or holidaze and hopefully a bit more ready to write and post pics. Half of my problem has been finding the time when I can write (or edit pics) without being bothered.

I'm going to ask folks on my feed and in several communities what they are using for photo (image) hosting? For years I've used Photobucket. I'm been so frustrated with their arbitrary rules and increasingly obnoxious user interface, that I rarely load pictures to the site - therefore I rarely load pictures here. I'm looking for options and opinions. What do you use for online image hosting and why?
Constantine Gabriel

Riverview Mental Hospital, a ferry graveyard, and various places around Seoul

I met Michael Arnold when we both lived and worked near Seoul. Today he posted some pictures from a ferry graveyard on his FB page, so I hit him up for permission to post it here. Instead he gave me a link to his Urban Exploration YouTube account, where he's about to post a video compilation of those very boats.

The hospital and ferries are both in British Columbia.

His main page

The Riverview

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