February 2nd, 2013

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Tyneham Village, Lulworth Firing Ranges, Dorset



After the post concerning the lost village of Imber on Saliasbury Plain, it was mentioned in the comments that a few people would like very much to visit the other famous abandoned village on the South Coast of England - a place we went to back in 2007...
e had been invited to a friend’s wedding celebration party in Dorset, a county that I didn’t know well at all, but got to like enormously during the course of the weekend !!

Having attended the wedding party, we still had the whole of Sunday to explore, and so the next day, after a full English breakfast, we decided to have a look at a little place that doesn't appear much in guide books or on many maps of the area...
We had been advised very firmly, by one of our friends, the night before, that we should really go and have a look around Tyneham village before we made our way back to London...

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Pinched Me Bird

Glasgow Botanic Garden Rail Station

Stumbled onto this group by chance and after seeing all the amazing wee places thought I might share my own little adventure into the past.
Now it is no secret that Glasgow's Botanic Gardens used to have a railway station that was open between the 1890's- to the late 30's. The vents to get air down to the subterranean platform are still found hiding among the foliage. But sadly, access to the platform itself is not so easily found. Well, wasn't until we found where it was...and found the gate ajar. Of course, we had to have a peek and a wee adventure to see a little fragment of history hidden within the garden.

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