February 11th, 2013

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Abandoned Places – Main Street, Old Louisville - Part 1 of 2

Here’s another gem from the past I’d forgotten about. Several years ago, while visiting family in the area, I took my daughter to explore a series of buildings in downtown Louisville I was surprised to see derelict. They were only a few blocks away from the YUM Center (Basketball arena) and in an area that had been full of clubs.

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Walking down the alley behind these buildings we spied an unusual sight

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old bridge

I'm not sure if this is an abandoned place technically. I ride my bike to work along a river, which is bounded on both sides by a variety of industrial workshops and factories, an inhabited by a number of ducks and geese who I'm sure have a variety of chemical pollutants in their bloodstreams. Every day, I see this random old bridge, which (for obvious reasons) is no longer in use. Because of all the private property, I can't get to the other side of the river to try and climb the structure (and honestly I'm not sure if I would even if I could, as the river's not deep and I'm fairly certain I'd fall through.)

Bridge and water tower

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