May 26th, 2013

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Abandoned places - Kyiv, Ukraine

Despite its historical significance, Kyiv was a small and quiet town at the times of Russian Empire. The majority of  houses - two-three storied buildings - were constructed from wood and were surrounded by gardens... This is an old house, it's better to say,  the remains of the mid-XIX-th century urban built-up area. Its moldering ruins are still located in a backyard of one modern house at Velyka Vasylkivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine...


Tainan, Taiwan - House

This house was probably built in the 1920s (ok just found out it may older than I thought) in the Qing Dynasty or during the Japanese occupation (1800-1900?), in Tainan, Taiwan. There's been some attempts in keeping it maintained (you can see the wooden posts attempting to keep it upright), but as of 2013 it's been too dangerous to go inside as the roof is caving in, and most of the wood structure is rotting. The picture above was taken in April 2013 from between the bars of the door. I actually have pictures spanning from 2006-2013 (and two random ones from 1983) of this house, but I'm not sure if in the earlier ones they're too well maintained and therefore wouldn't count as abandoned. So I'm just posting the pictures that show more deterioration.

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