June 2nd, 2013

Abandoned Motel

Why do I feel the need to pull over and rummage through every abandoned building that catches my eye? I'm sure others here have asked themselves that question, maybe some of you have an answer. I would posit that some of are attracted to the history, others the photographic opportunity and perhaps some are just curious. For myself it must be a combination, but since I was quite young I was fascinated with old buildings and abandoned living spaces.

This hotel was easy to access, once I got to it.


The sign promised colour TV and a pool. I had to see.


Yup. There is the pool. I imagine it has seen better days.


Inside was not particularly fascinating, the usual mess of childlike graffiti and makeshift homeless shelters from the past, a chaotic scene I've come to expect. I found an interesting mural of St George's cathedral in Kingston, half ripped off the wall. Some people come to these buildings with only a mind to destroy.


Ah there is the TV, as promised.


I found some papers in a cardboard box. Checks for workers comp...


All in all, an interesting place to visit. I enjoyed my stay, although the hotel was rather creepy, even for an abandoned one. I found out later that it is rumored there was a murder there in the 90s, which had something to do with it closing. I may never know.