June 4th, 2013


From Der Speigel - Forbidden Photos: Secret Shots of Hitler's Bunker

Most of us have only had to worry about getting chased off by property owners, security guards, threatened with being arrested for trespassing, wild animals, or maybe homeless drug addicts.

How about exploring a place so symbolically abhorrent, or because of its location, the risk of getting caught could land you in prison as a political criminal?

Robert Conrad did just that, exploring and photographing the Reich Chancellery bunker located in the former East Berlin in the late '80s while it was being demolished to make way for new construction.

Article here.

Photos here.

(Recently?) Abandoned Building in Coos Bay, Oregon.

I live on the south Oregon Coast, which is a pretty prime place to find abandoned buildings. However, since most of them are just residential buildings that have fallen apart (and things fall apart quickly here), I haven't posted any of them.

Last week, I went to Coos Bay, and found this building. Its right outside of the downtown, and it looks to have been recently shuttered. (I don't even know if this is 'abandoned', since it could just be waiting to be fixed up). I also didn't go into this building since I didn't want to trespass.

I purposely didn't research what this building was, because I was curious what people would say. From the looks of his building:
1. When was it constructed?
2. What is its purpose?
3. When was it abandoned?
4. Does it look like it is going to be restored sometime soon?

And here are the pictures:

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