June 9th, 2013

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Abandoned Places – Fort Worth, TX (Dec 12)

Last winter, I went to Ft. Worth to visit a dear friend and do an extended modeling shoot with her. While I was visiting this amazing lady, she indulged my passion for abandoned sites. Given Ft. Worth’s history as a gateway to the old west and its slow change from a blue collar meat packing town to a technology and manufacturing center; I knew there had to be some cool site. I researched a few places, on-line, checked several community & photo blogs and asked her for ideas of things she’d seen. The results for a day’s wander were exceptional.

Location #1 – Downtown
Fort Worth grew for up as a cow town and the rail hub. Cattle were shipped east to a hungry nation and goods were shipped west to build the growing communities on the frontier. Times change and the transportation hub shifted away from downtown leaving this monument to those days.

 photo DSC06157FCa.jpg
Texas Express Company AKA The Texas and Pacific Freight Terminal

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Australian Farm

Like the best abandoned encounters, I came across this location completely by accident (and luck). I have a friend who lives out in this area, and after a chat where I mentioned I had my camera on me and that I'd just been shooting the ruins of a train station (which was a cop-out by the way), she informed me that there was an abandoned farm just behind her property.
I was told that an electrician had been seen driving to and from the house recently, because somebody might be moving in (there was a for sale sign on the road). Knowing that that 'abandoned' farm was soon going to be occupied sided with the fact I had my camera on me, that day was the day for some urban exploring.

This farm is about an hour and a half drive from Western Australia's capital city, Perth.

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