June 20th, 2013


Places in the Netherlands?

Dear community followers, I wanted to address your diverse experience and ask, whether there are any places in the Netherlands that would be interesting to visit? Maybe some of you reside in the Netherlands or have visited some abandoned places here?
Also, maybe there are some maps that depict the status and location of abandoned places in Central Europe? Thank you.

More abandoned photos from Detroit that I cannot take credit for.

There was big news in Detroit today how there's plans to relocate the Red Wings (hockey team) to a new stadium closer to where football and baseball is played downtown. Anyway, the news of the relocation to a vacant lot / block of abandoned buildings downtown caught the attention of fans of historic buildings. I thought I'd pass along the links in case anyone was interested in looking at a couple 1920s historic hotels that would likely be demolished in order to make way for a new "Hockeytown."


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