June 22nd, 2013

You Never Forget Your First Pt. 1 - The Oak Grove Restaurant

Along an unassuming strip of highway just across the Virginia line, there lies an empty and forgotten restaurant and a neighboring abandoned garage/hardware store of sorts. I had passed them countless times in the years I've lived here and they tugged at my heart. Ever since I was little I have wanted to explore abandoned buildings, but somehow we always drove by without stopping.

And then one day we stopped. My mom and I decided on a whim to check the place out, and by god it was wonderful. Then a few hours later I went back with my best friend and we took a more in-depth look at the place. Here are some of the best photos:

Stopping In For a Bite
My fingers got into the picture at the top. :/ Also these were all taken with my phone.

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Me - Headshot

Abandoned Places – Fort Worth, TX (Dec 12) – part 3

Abandoned Places – Fort Worth, TX (Dec 12) – part 3

By the 1960’s, the Swift Fort Worth plant had already suffered through several major strikes and the site was in need of major modernization. The former Armour Meat Plant to the north of this complex was already closed as ranchers increasingly moved their herds to smaller markets by truck and smaller local railheads. The Swift Company had also diversified substantially into soap, transportation (they owned Greyhound Bus Company) and even insurance. In 1963-4, Swift began the process of shutting down the plant. As has been said, now the former complex is like a small ghost town tucked into the heart of Fort Worth.

Location #3 – The Swift Meat Packing Complex

 photo DSC06226FCa.jpg

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